Dynamic Allocation Fund


Fund Objective

The RESQ Dynamic Allocation Fund seeks long term capital appreciation with capital preservation as a secondary objective. The Fund seeks to achieve its investment objectives by investing, either directly or indirectly through a portfolio of exchange traded funds that invest in foreign and domestic equity securities, fixed income securities and commodities of any market capitalization. The Fund seeks a positive return through all market cycles by tactically moving among cash and security positions based upon prevailing market conditions. The Fund may be concentrated in certain sectors from time to time. The Fund's advisor will select the appropriate allocation to achieve the Fund’s objectives based on its proprietary model.

There is no guarantee that any investment strategy will achieve its objectives, generate profits or avoid losses.


The Dynamic Allocation Fund strives to participate in the upside of the MSCI World Index, while retaining the ability to get defensive during times of market stress. The Fund can invest in large, mid and small cap stocks. The Fund can also invest in any of the nine S&P 500 sectors. We added bonds, commodities and cash to the models so the fund can seek to get defensive during market corrections, thus potentially reducing risk and volatility. The portfolios are built with specific risk characteristics to provide the opportunity for risk-adjusted returns to shareholders. This involves the use of a mathematical optimization approach to construct a portfolio with the highest opportunity for returns with a targeted amount of portfolio risk. The Quant model will then use a mathematical algorithm to rank securities and provide a well-diversified mix, suitable for that particular market cycle. Each asset class strategy is reviewed daily, weekly or monthly. Hold periods are staggered to allow constant adjustments in the fund throughout the year. This will allow for quick reactions to market changes.


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NAV NAV Daily Change % Daily Change % YTD Return One Month Three Months Six Month One Year Through 3/31/21
NAV{{ NAV_NoLoad }} NAV Daily Change{{ NAVDailyChange }} % Daily Change{{ NAVPercentDailyChange }} % YTD Return{{ YearToDate_NoLoad }} 1 Month{{ OneMonth_NoLoad }} 3 Months{{ ThreeMonth_NoLoad }} 6 Months{{ SixMonth_NoLoad }} 32.58%
Max Sales Charge 1 Month{{ OneMonth_Load }} 3 Month{{ ThreeMonth_Load }} 6 Month{{ SixMonth_Load }} 24.91%


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Since Inception
Through 3/31/21

4.07% 5.59% 1.61%
Max Sales Charge 2.04% 4.36% 0.79%


Inception date 12/20/13
5.75% Max Sales Charge on Class A Shares. The performance data quoted here represents past performance. Current performance may be lower or higher than the performance data quoted above. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. The investment return and principal value of an investment will fluctuate so that investor's shares, when redeemed, may be worth more or less than their original cost. The Fund's adviser has contractually agreed to waive its fees and reimburse expenses of the Fund, at least until January 31, 2021, to ensure that Total Annual Fund Operating Expenses After Fee Waiver and Reimbursement will not exceed 2.20%, 1.80% and 2.80% for the Class A, Class I and Class C shares respectively, subject to possible recoupment from the Fund in future years. Without these waivers, the Fund's total annual operating expenses would be 2.54% for Class A, 2.14% for Class I and 3.14% for Class C. Performance shown is for Class A shares. Please review the fund’s prospectus for more information regarding the fund’s fees and expenses and other share classes. For performance information current to the most recent month-end, please call toll-free 877-940-2526


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Top Ten Holdings

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Security Description Percentage
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The asset classes and security holdings are presented to illustrate examples of the securities that the fund has bought and the diversity of areas in which the funds may invest, and may not be representative of the fund’s current or future investments. Portfolio holdings are subject to change and should not be considered investment advice.


Fund Assets:
Inception Date:
S&P 500
Dividends Paid:
Share Class Ticker CUSIP Net Expense Ratio
Share ClassA TickerRQEAX CUSIP66538E291 Net Expense Ratio2.35%
Share ClassI TickerRQEIX CUSIP66538E267 Net Expense Ratio1.95%
Share ClassC TickerRQECX CUSIP66538G718 Net Expense Ratio2.95%


Minimum Investment A Share:
Minimum Investment I Share:
30 days or 2%
Contribution Period:


Todd M. Foster, AIF
Bryan M. Lee, CMT
John W. Greer, CFA