Being a financial advisor you have a great responsibility to your clients. Growing wealth is only one facet of superior investment management. Protection is becoming increasingly important as the baby boomer generation retires and younger investors fret about the next market crash.

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Our Funds

Equity FundRQEIX    RQEAX    RQECX
  • Non-Emotional, Quantitatively-driven process
  • No style, market capitalization or sector constraints
  • Flexibility to move 100% into bonds or cash during turbulent market periods
  • Composed of highly liquid ETFs
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Income FundRQIIX    RQIAX    RQICX
  • Non-Emotional, Quantitatively-driven process
  • Composed of income producing securities
  • Pays dividend monthly, designed to be a core income-oriented investment
  • Can act as a hedge against a rising rate environment
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Minimum Investment I Share:
30 days or 2%
Contribution Period:


Todd M. Foster, AIF
Bryan M. Lee, CMT
John W. Greer, CFA